Shelby Plotts

About a year ago I tried out for Female Midget AAA hockey team, and unfortunately I got cut because of my fitness. Before that I always go to goalie camp but I would always dread going because I wasn’t able to keep up with the dry land training, I also hated running. So me and my mom finally decided after my second time getting cut from this team that I wasn’t going to give them any more excuses to cut me.

We heard that one of the parents (Phil) on my sister’s hockey team was a personal trainer, so decided to inquire about his services. That’s when Phil introduced me to crossfit. In the 4 ½ months that i have been doing it I’ve dropped 20lbs. I was noticing big changes in my physical appearances, endurance, and strength.  The biggest change I notice was when i went to goalie camp. I wasn’t tired, I didn’t dread the dryland training and not only that I went from being one of the weakest out there to being one of the strongest. Even my instructor noticed a big change in my abilities and work ethic.

Crossfit DV has given me more confidence in myself as a person and an athlete. It’s given me more strength physically and mentally. And I’ve met some really cool crossfitters as well. Phil has been a great trainer and mentor. The advice he has given me has helped me get through my mental struggles during training.  Thank you so much Phil!

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