Trudi is Truly Determined

CrossFit is about functional movement and we love hearing the stories of how it has made things easier in everyday life. Trudi was talking the other day about how it used to be a struggle to walk her daughter down the driveway to the bus every morning, and now, after several months of Crossfit, walking down the driveway is like a walk in the park!

Trudi came to CrossFit after watching her eldest daughter become a lean, mean, CrossFit machine last year. She saw the results, and after taking some time getting the courage, she took on her first Wod. It took Trudi a little while to fully embrace the CrossFit lifestyle, but after working hard at the gym, she realized to get the best results, she would need to begin enjoying the paleo lifestyle. She has become a little powerhouse, surprising us everyday, as she is lifting heavier weights and doing more and more Wod’s as prescribed.
Trudi is a lady filled with great determination to overcome her fears and try something new. This determination is what makes her an amazing CrossFitter, one who people admire and are inspired by.

Trudi has worked so hard and has come so far. Keep up the hard work, you are looking and feeling fabulous! We are very proud to have you as a member of our community.


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